Wood Badge isn’t the training you HAVE to do; it’s the training you GET to do.

Looking to improve the program for the Scouts in your unit? Do you want to improve yourself, personally and professionally? Looking to make friends and connections within the larger Scouting community? Do you want to reignite your spark for Scouting and have some FUN?

Here’s what some of the participants on the 2023 course had to say:

“Do it. It will change your life and Scouts’ lives for the better.”

“This course has been life-changing for me! I have a love for Scouting and confidence to go with it! I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to Scouting and life!”

“This course was beyond what I expected. I feel I grew so much as a leader in Scouts, as well as in my own life.”

“It has reopened my love of BSA and fueled my desire to get more involved.”

“Exceeded all expectation and better than other training courses I have taken personally and professionally.”

“Instead of counting down the days until I am done [with Scouts], I am looking forward to what’s next…I can't remember the last time I have laughed so much or had time to relax and breathe. Do something for yourself and take the course! Don’t let fear of the unknown or uncertainties about what is required [stop you]. You’ve got this and everyone on staff will have your back."

“Phenomenal leadership content delivered in an enthusiastic way by people who truly care. The ability to expand my Scout leadership network ensures that I will have resources when times are hard and that I will make sure to do the same for others…Do it early. Do it ASAP. Don’t wait, and if you are serious about being a Scout leader, it shouldn’t be optional.”

“I had such a fantastic time on this course…Find a way to make it work if you are on the fence.”

“Take it. Take it as soon as possible."


Wood Badge training is suitable for ANY leader who is trained in their position and, not only helps develop your leadership skills and vision for what you want to achieve within Scouting, but it’s also genuinely a lot of fun. This course isn’t reserved for the seasoned Scouter who has "seen it all" (although they could likely benefit too!) — it teaches you the tools to be a better leader at any stage in the journey. Held over two weekends at Jersey Shore Council’s Citta Scout Reservation, Wood Badge is conducted with a high degree of integrity and personal respect, and will help you identify and work on your own unique areas of potential personal and leadership growth.


What are some of the things that I’ll be doing in Wood Badge?

  • Putting the Patrol Method into practice by camping, cooking, and working as a team.
  • Camping in a patrol of 6-7 adult leaders.
  • Learning and applying different leadership styles and techniques.
  • Learning fun and interactive games that work well in your units.
  • Learning effective managerial skills in a classroom environment.
  • Solving problems and meeting challenges.
  • Developing friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Having a great time with lots of fun!


The Course

Within this framework, participants take part in numerous presentations, discussions, and activities that explore and advance a wide range of leadership philosophies and tools. A key area is the process of team development, where participants learn to apply appropriate leadership strategies at varying stages of team development.

There are five central themes of the Wood Badge course:

  1. Living the Values
  2. Growing
  3. Connecting
  4. Guiding
  5. Empowering

The first weekend of the course (8am Friday 9/19- 5pm Sunday 9/21) parallels three weeks of a Scout unit’s meetings and activities, while the second weekend (8am Saturday 10/11 - 5pm Sunday 10/12) parallels the experiences of a Scout unit setting out for an exciting and challenging outdoor experience.

Come enjoy the most fun you’ll have in Scouting… without being responsible for children!

Mark your calendars and set aside the time for yourself. The next course is both weekends: September 19-21, 2025 AND October 11-12, 2025.

Note: all days on course are full days, including Friday, Sept. 19th.


Early Bird $250- First 20 registrants paid in full. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2024

Standard Course Fee- $300 

The course is limited to 48 participants, so plan to register early to avoid missing out!!

For more information, contact Course Director Stacey Reap: staceyreapBSA@gmail.com


The course is limited to 48 participants, so register early to avoid missing out!!