Sea Scouting


The Sea Scouts is a specialized segment of the Venturing program, which was organized to address members’ boating skills and promote knowledge of our maritime heritage. The program is open to boys and girls who are at least 14 years old (or 13 years of age and have completed eighth grade) and under 21.  ). These young adults may continue to serve in youth leadership roles, such as Sea Scout Boatswain, etc., and will still be eligible for Sea Scout advancement and youth recognition.

Sea Scout units, called “ships,” focus on sailing and cruising either sailboats or powerboats or paddle craft. During the boating seasons, Sea Scouts learn to maintain and operate their vessel, with a focus on learning the safe and proper methods of handling boats. Sea Scouts also learn the meaning of buoys and lights, how to take advantage of wind and tide and how to drop anchor or approach a dock.


Sea Scouting offers young adults the opportunity to travel and learn skills that could be useful in future careers. The program extends far beyond sea-going events and trips; it offers a variety of social events, training, and leadership experience. Whether you’re steering the vessel from the tiller, learning engine repair or visiting a new port on one of the many trips, there’s something you’ll enjoy in Sea Scouting. So, try something different, check us out, and prepare yourself to set sail for a real adventure.


Jersey Shore Council oversees three Sea Scout units, Ship 6, Ship 117, and Ship 129


Ship 6

Ship 6 is a small boat sailing program located in the Point Pleasant area and is planning on building a small wooden sailboat that will sail on the Barnegat Bay.

Ship 6 is charted by the Point Pleasant Presbyterian Church


Ship 117

Ship 117 runs a big boat (MacGregor 26) sailing / power boat program-oriented program and we currently have designed for and entry level program.   This unit also has a project boat a 40 Coast Guard utility boat.  This unit does participate in cruises and sail regatta’s

Ship 129


Ship 129 is a paddle craft unit and provides training, and exciting activities to the ship’s members. The ship has a STEM-Maritime Explorer Club and Venturing Crew attached to it that is mentored by Ship’s Members. The Ship sponsors on and off water training that are offered to Scouts BSA local units. The Ship Cosponsors an annual paddle race that is held on the Toms River. The Ship program includes Duty to God, Shooting Sports, KODIAK Challenge, National Search and Rescue training, CPR, Wilderness First Aid, Kayaking BSA Award, Stand up Paddle Board Award, STEM Nova Program, and Long Cruise Award.


Sea Scouts

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Sea Scouts receive training in seamanship and leadership. From ship meetings, long cruises, a USCG sponsored Safety at Sea, to SEAL (Sea Scout Experience Advanced Leadership) training, you will be learning every step of the way whether you realize it or not.