Popcorn Campaign


The Council-wide Popcorn sale represents a money-earning opportunity that benefits the Scout, the unit and Council alike. While units can fund part or all of their program year with one or both of the two annual Popcorn sales, some units empower individual Scouts with the ability to earn their way to camp. These Scouts accomplish personal goals to fully fund their summer camping experience.  To offically signup for the 2016 sale, please complete the forrm at the bottom of this page!

 2019 Key Popcorn Dates

June 15, 2019- Popcorn Kickoff at Citta

July 8, 2019 Early Bird Due (Units)

July 24-26, 2019 Early Bird Pickup at Council Offices

August 16, 2019: Unit Show and Sell Orders Due

September 7, 2019- Show and Sell Pickup at Harrison Beverage and Fergusson Plumbing

Harrison Beverage, 6812 Delilah Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Fergusson Plumbing, 190 Oberlin Avenue N, Lakewood, NJ 08701

October 11, 2019 Returns Without Penalty Due

October 12-13, 2019 Wawa Weekend

November 8, 2019 Take Order Due (Units), Prize Order Due (Units), Show & Sell Payment Due, FINAL DAY TO RETURN

December 7, 2019 Take Order Pickup and Final Payment Due

Harrison Beverage, 6812 Delilah Road, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
Fergusson Plumbing, 190 Oberlin Avenue N, Lakewood, NJ 08701

2019 JSC Popcorn Commission Breakdown

Unit Base Commission - 32%*

All units earn at least 32% of all sales!

Unit Bonus Commissions – up to an additional 13%

  • +4% Bonus Commission- 100% Trails End Application, register all selling scouts in the application, and submit final payment by December 1, 2019
  • +4% Bonus Commission- Attend Jersey Shore Council Popcorn Kickoff, Do a Show and Sell
  • +3% Bonus Commission when your unit sells an average of $250 per scout
    (OR any unit that sells over $12,000) Hit this level and receive both Average Sales Bonus
  • +2% Bonus Commission when your unit sells an average of $125 per scout
    (OR any unit that sells over $4,800)


Do all the above and you receive the MAX commission 45%

*New Unit Incentive: If you are a new selling unit and sell over $2,500 in popcorn you will
automatically earn 45% commission

All online sales will bring your unit 50% commission regardless of physical sales!  Council Kept this commission even though Trails End is only giving 35%
All Online sales are credited to your invoice in the popcorn system by November 20, 2019.

Average sales per scout will be calculated based on the unit’s registered number of scouts as of August 31, 2019.
In 2018, the average commission our units earned was 39%!!!
All Unit prize orders are actually an additional 4-5% which really brings your total commission close to 50%.



  • Set a sales goal for your unit and for each den or patrol. Most important step a unit can do. Base the goal on your actual budget needs.

  • Communicate the units plan to assist leaders and committee members and together, determine a sales goal or each Scout, based on the unit’s goal.

  • Conduct a “fun-filled’ kick-off event for Scouts and their parents.

  • Emphasize what the Scouts will receive for hitting their goal.

  • Provide a letter to the parents that clearly spells out:

    • the purpose of the sale.

    • How the money raised will be used.

    • And what the “per-Scout goal” is

  • Consider using some of the unit’s commission to offer additional incentives that your Scouts really want.

  • Encourage ALL your Scouts to go out and sell! 67% of people will buy when asked and less than 30% of the public is asked.

  • Sell to friends, family members, neighbors, etc.

  • Take the “Take order form” to work.

  • Set up an organized “Blitz Day” at the beginning of the sale to help give your Scouts a good start to their sale.

  • Have a victory celebration!

  • Have a fun activity planned at the end of your “Blitz Day”


    In order to ensure a successful popcorn sale for both your unit and the council, the 2018 Popcorn Committee has once again established a Show and Sell Return Policy. All popcorn is a liability for the council so we encourage you to follow a few key practices:

  • Check on your outstanding inventory and make frequent honest assessments on your unit’s ability to sell.

  • Subscribe to a time based sales plan (i.e. we are halfway through the sale…Have we sold least half of our inventory?).

  • Check with your District Kernel or District Executive if you have an inventory challenge…too much or too little popcorn can usually find a home with enough notice.

  •  Work toward zero return policy so that every dollar of popcorn revenue provides programs for your boys.

  • Try to use unsold Show and Sell product to fill your take order forms and only order what you need to complete your take order.

  • The Show and Sell part of the Popcorn Sale is an excellent way for your Scouts to sell popcorn and provide the product directly to our customers. Any returns to the Jersey Shore Council of unsold product on or before October 12, 2018 will have no fees or penalties (as long as products are returned in the original condition). This gives council ample amount of time to redistribute unused popcorn to other units or councils to reduce leftover
    product. Any Show and Sell popcorn returned after the October 12th deadline is subject to a JSC restocking fee. Jersey Shore Council units can return 15% or less of Show and Sell popcorn ordered without penalty. If your unit returns over 15% after the deadline, your unit will lose 2% commission for each 10% of additional popcorn returned over the 15%. Last day to
    return popcorn is November 2, 2018.

  • Units can order up to 10% more of popcorn and still be eligible for return program. If a unit orders more than 10% of their 2016 final invoice. Any overage above the 10% is not eligible to be returned and is the
    responsibility of the unit.



Tutorial on how to use the Trails End's website


File Name Description
2019 Popcorn Guide Official Jersey Shore Council Popcorn Guide Download
2019 Take Order Form Form for your scouts to take orders Download
Budget Goal Worksheet Excel file to help you understand your potential sales goals Download
Furgesson Pickup Pickup times for units at Furgesson Plumbing on September 7th Download
harrison pickup Scedule for units to pickup at Harrison Beverage on 09-7 Download
How to Place Order Step by Step instructions on how to place your unit's order on Trails End Website Download
Military Donation Receipts Military Receipts to give out those who you collected military donations from Download
Prize Sheet Prize sheet that shows dollar amount of Amazon gift card your scout will receive per their sale Download
Trail's End Mobile Application How to download and use Trails End mobile app! Download
Trails End App Video about the Trails End App Download
Unit Potential Sheet Excel file to help you understand your potential sales goals Download
wawa scedule Wawa Scedule as of 10-7-2019 Download