2022 Northern Lights Spring Cub Camporee

2022 Northern Lights Cub Scout Spring Camporee

CRS: Clue!!

Whodunit!! Please join us for an adventure of mystery and intrigue!! This 1-day event and camping weekend will keep you guessing!!

Scouts will be given a mystery and have to figure out Whodunit!!  Was it Ms.Tracy in Kewe with the canoe paddle??

This live and interactive Clue game will turn our camp into our very own game board.  Are you ready for the challenge?? 

Cub Units, Troops, Camp Staff and AO members are urged to help and volunteer for this event.  

For more information, please email:

Event Chair: Tracy Provenzano



WHEN?    May 21, 2022

WHERE? Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation 229 Brookville Rd Barnegat, NJ

TIME?      8:30am - 5pm




For family camping, please contact the Camp Director at Citta

Family camping is a separate fee from the event.


Position Name Telephone
Michelle Petrosino Email