New Scout Bootcamp

Meetings occur Wednesday @ 7pm EST

Starting June 17th at 7pm, Jersey Shore Council will be hosting a weekly online program “New Scout Bootcamp” open to any ScoutsBSA Youth in a Troop who want to advance and learn rank requirement skills while stuck inside.

This is a free program offered by Assistant Scoutmaster Carson Lee of Troop 58 from Hammonton, NJ who will be running the meetings along with guest speakers and providing digital materials to the Scouts.

This program is not intended to replace any online Troop meetings, and only a Scout’s own Troop leaders may still sign off rank requirements. After they’ve learned the material from the online class, It’s still the Scouts’ responsibility to demonstrate their knowledge and completion of requirements to their to their respective Troop leaders.

We ask that you pass this information along to your Scouts and their parents so they can sign up on the Jersey Shore Council website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I recommend your Scout using a computer or laptop of some sort that has both a webcam and a microphone so that they can actively participate in the online meetings. I also recommend that, if possible beforehand, you print out the corresponding worksheet for each meeting so your Scout can follow along and take notes. All of my resources are available in this shared folder on Google Drive.
Meetings are on Zoom and start at 7pm on Wednesdays. These meetings should last roughly an hour, and are dependent on the Scouts' participation. The beginning of meetings will consist of a review from last week's learning objectives and homework. At the end of each meeting, homework will be assigned to the Scouts and is expected to be completed before the next meeting to assist them with rank requirements.
Any Scout who misses a meeting can easily check out what material they missed by accessing the shared Google Drive folder containing meeting lesson plans, powerpoints, and interactive note sheets.
Scouts' attendance and progress will be tracked via a shared Google Spreadsheet that only Scoutmasters and adult leaders will have access to. The spreadsheet will keep track of the meetings the Scouts have attended and what they SHOULD know based on the meetings they've attended and the knowledge they've demonstrated.
While not required, the following items listed are highly recommended in order to help your Scout complete certain requirements:
  • Pocketknife (Scout - 5)
  • Knife sharpener (Scout - 5) (Tenderfoot - 3d)
  • Paracord (Scout - 4a, 4b) (2nd Class- 2f, 2g) (1st Class - 3a, 3b, 3c)
  • Lighter (Scout - 4b)
  • Natural fiber rope (Scout - 4b)
  • String/twine (Scout - 4b)
  • First Aid Kit (Tenderfoot - 4d)
    • Band aids
    • Moleskin
    • Scissors
    • 3 Triangular Bandages/Neckerchiefs
    • Several gauze
    • Tweezers
    • Roll of medical tape
    • Small bar soap or bottle of hand sanitizer (for actual first aid)
    • Gloves (for actual first aid)
    • Alcohol wipes (for actual first aid)
    • CPR mask (for actual first aid)
    • Antibiotic ointment (for actual first aid)
    • Burn cream (for actual first aid)
  • Compass (2nd Class - 3a, 3b) (1st Class - 4a)
  • American Flag (Tenderfoot - 7a)


Carson  Lee

Carson Lee

(609) 513-7126