As Scout Leaders, we have an obligation to provide the Scouting program to as many boys as possible. At one time or another we have all seen the positive influence Scouting has had on a boy, and/or a community. Recruiting new boys into Cub Scouts, whether as Tigers, Wolves, Bears or Webelos, is also fundamental to maintaining a healthy and thriving Cub Scout unit.   Having a full den of rank makes the program possibilities for the pack endless.

The most successful Cub Scout Packs are often the ones that place a premium on successfully recruiting new boys, and leaders, every year. Always remember that a successful recruitment means not just bringing new boys into the program, but new leaders as well. New leaders in a unit mean greater shared responsibility, and less work for all the current leaders in the Pack. One of the most important ways in which a Cub Scout Pack benefits from the recruitment process is through the recruitment of the entire family.

Recruiting at least new 10 Tiger Cubs into a new den each year will keep the pack healthy year after year.  Eighty percent of packs that have disbanded from the Jersey Shore Council did not recruit a tiger cub den.

To help units recruit new boys into their program there is support from our district membership teams.  The team has put together a membership plan to help packs understand where to find resources and the best methods of recruiting.  The membership plan can be found at the bottom of this page.


Boy Talks

Far and away the most effective way to recruit new boys and families into your pack.  This is when a representative from the Scouting organization (volunteer or professional) simply gives a short speech (no more than 5 minutes) to boys in the local elementary about the adventures of Scouting.  It should be high energy, quick, and to the point.  Talks normally include speaking about scouting’s activities- camping, archery, bb gun shooting, and other fun activities your pack does.  It should also emphasize to the boys when the signup night is and that is it VERY IMPORTANT they take home to their flyer and give it to their parents that evening if they want to sign up.  


Scheduling Boy Talks

To be effective, a boy talk must occur within a two to five days of the signup meeting.  In conjunction with the district executive(contact information below) each pack is asked to work with their local elementary school to select a date to complete a boy talk.  When coordinating with your local school administrators, remember to try to accommodate their school schedule.   Some schools will allow you do a presentation to all the boys in the schools at once, others will ask you to go around each class to give your talk.  While other schools may ask you to give a presentation during lunch period.  Whichever the case please remember to work with the school and always provide a thank you letter after the boy talk.  If your school does not allow boy talks the pack will need to come up with alternative methods (outlined below) of promoting your pack to insure a successful signup night.


Promotional Materials Available at Jersey Shore Council Offices

  • Recruitment Flyers - Personalized flyers designed by Jersey Shore Council to promote your pack's signup night
  • Bookmarks - These are great to put in your local library for promotion.
  • Boys Life Mini Magazines - These are great to give out at events to prospective new families
  • Yard Signs - These signs are best put up in high traffic areas to attract attention


Promotional Videos

Cub Scout Video


Scouts BSA Promo Video


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