Lodge Honorees

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These Arrowmen have been awarded honors for service as described:

  • Maurer Award - For exemplary service to the Northern Chapter of the Lodge.

  • Lutton Award - For exemplary service to the Southern Chapter of the Lodge.

  • Founder's Award - For exemplary service to Japeechen Lodge.

Guidelines for Awards

  1. No award is given to an adult in any given year, unless that award is first given to a youth. It is the policy of the Lodge to require that we recognize those for whom this organization exists first and foremost in all things.

  2. The number of adult awards issued in a category shall not exceed the number of awards issued to youth.

  3. Awards may only be issued once to any individual.

Maurer Award-


Owen Ahern, George Rees

1978 No award given
1979 Sterling Hulse
1980 Mark Anderson, Fred Heidrick
1981 Matthew Anderson, Ethan Draddy
1982 Kenneth Balfrey, Christopher Hendrick, Edward Richards
1983 Joseph Elick, Patrick Halpin, Gerry McCormack
1984 William Hall, Jr., Charles Goldfarb
1985 George Gesser, Jeffrey Goldsmith, William Hall, Sr.
1986 Andrew Anderson, Benjamin Eisenbrey, Benjamin Eisenbrey, Jesse Anderson
1987 Mark Morehouse, Stephen Swenson, Donald Morehouse, Larry Starr
1988 Harold Byron, Max Jacobs, Peter Morehouse, Raymond Ostarticki, William Taylor
1989 Aaron Bremer, Joseph Henning, John Hudler, Joe Lorenc, Raymond Waters
1990 Jeffrey Applegate, Daniel Germaine, Michael Poray, William Taylor, Michael Waters
1991 Frederick Applegate, James Caron, Richard Dempsey, Leslie Hill, David Ostarticki
1992 Corey Gonzalez, Kevin Palmer, Frederick Applegate, John Schmidt, Matthew Simmons, Robert Vogel
1993 Michel Botts, Andrew Caron, Maurice Dattoli, Wiliam Freeland, Gilbert Lanterman, Donald Marshall, Alan Rissmiller, Wayne Rupert, Shawn Vogel
1994 Mark Collins, Donald Marshall, Joseph Otero, J Woods, Richard McCarthy
1995 Maurice Dattoli, Michael Eisenkerch, Ralph Huylar, Robert Krause, David Layzynski
1996 Ryan McCarthy, Tom Slinchak
1997 Shaun McCarthy, Chris Street, Robert P. Stawicki, Jim McGuire
1998 Steve Eisenkerch, Mark Gotthelf, Robert M. Stawicki
1999 Stephen Gotthelf, Bryson Palmer, Owen Heller
2000 Mike McGuire, Ryan Weisbrod, Shawn Zakar, Herman Schmidtjongbloed
2001 Eric Abrahamsen, Joseph Antonio, Paul Masur, Jay Stephens
2002 Justin Abrahamsen, Michael Cocco, Joseph Cocco, Robert Krehely
2003 Justin Anderson, Anthony Marano, George Botts, Rev. John Case
2004 Philip Lingard, Andrew Burrell, Karen Anderson, Frank Antonio
2005 Brandon Anderson, Briant Dunnican III, Patrick Ward, Briant Dunnican II
2006 Bryan Lysy, Matthew Lysy, Wyatt Springer, Brian McCann
2007 Ben Zee, Jr., Matt Hratko, Chris Lysy, Howard Springer
2008 Robert Tweer, Jr., Mark Moses
2009 Bryan Koehler
2010 Marc Dippold
2011 No award given
2012 Blake Krehely
2013 Unknown
2014 Unknown
2015 Unknown
2016 Unknown
2017 Nick Noe

 Lutton Award-

1993 Gilbert Lanterman, Tom Lanterman
1994 James Brownhill
1995 Keith Gunsten, Robert Gunsten
1996 David Lutton, David Terry
1997 CJ D'Adamo, Paul Hudson
1998 Donald Bayconich, Justin Lucas
1999 Jesse Goldy, Stephen Terry
2000 William Datz, Paul Klein, Ernest Seabert, Doug Wilson
2001 Manuel Camilo, Ryan Connell, Matt Klein, Paul Klein
2002 Brian Furgione, Alex Price, Joseph Clark, Jean Sandor
2003 Angel Camilo, Andrew Clark, Dale Messina
2004 Randy Clark, Matt Macready
2005 Dan Delcher, Adam Wieckhorst, Marian Jordan, Roger Street
2006 Brian Lenz, Matt Strenger, Al Santilo, Steve Finkle
2007 Andrew Wieckhorst, Brian Kubanavich, Wayne Tonneson, Jr., Sue Weisberger
2008 Ron Ott, Jr., Seth Poplawski, Donna Hare
2009 Justin Hare, Charles Featherer
2010 No award given
2011 No award given
2012 Andrew Donchey
2013 Unknown
2014 Unknown
2015 Unknown
2016 Unknown
2017 Michael Donchey

 Founder's Award

1987 Jeffery Goldsmith, Benjamin Eisenbrey, Sr.
1988 Christopher Heidrick, George Rees
1989 William Taylor III, Sterling Hulse
1990 David Ostarticki, Jesse Anderson
1991 Andrew Anderson, Mark Morehouse
1992 Jeffrey Applegate, Harold Bryon
1993 Raymond Klein, David Lutton, Michael Walters, Raymond Ostarticki
1994 Matthew Simmons, Raymond Waters
1995 Mark Collins, Alan Rissmiller
1996 Tom Lanterman, Gilbert Lanterman
1997 Mark Rupert, John Schmidt
1998 James Schmidt, Stephen Terry
1999 Shaun McCarthy, Wayne Rupert
2000 Robert Gunsten, Matt R. Macready
2001 Robert M. Stawicki, Robert P. Stawicki
2002 Matthew A. Macready, J Woods
2003 Bryson Palmer, James W. Palmer, Jr.
2004 Craig Stawicki, Jim McGuire
2005 Paul Masur, Don Bayconich
2006 Pat Ippolitto, Justin Anderson
2007 Ernie Muska, Owen Heller
2008 No award given
2009 No award given
2010 Matt Lysy, Bill Datz
2011 No award given
2012 Justin Hare, Nick DeMarco
2013 Unknown
2014 Unknown
2015 Unknown
2016 Todd Lund Jr.
2017 Blake Krehely

Japeechen Lodge Life Membership Recipients

2017 Al Olkowitz, Carol O'Neil, Nick DeMarco, Don Bayconaige, Donna Hare