Learning for Life Youth Protection

Learning for Life’s Youth Protection Training Policies Youth safety is the No. 1 concern of Learning for Life.

To increase awareness of the societal problem of child abuse, including sexual abuse, and to create even greater barriers to child abuse than currently exist, Learning for Life is implementing several important changes to further enhance its Youth Protection policies.

Youth Protection Training is required for all volunteers in curriculum based Learning for Life including Exploring. Youth Protection Training must be taken every two years and prior to beginning curriculum based programs and meetings with youth. Because there is a unique difference between Learning for Life programs in worksite based Exploring and in the curriculum based programs, we have established tailored training procedures.

Exploring leaders

1. New Exploring leaders are required to take Youth Protection Training before submitting an application for registration. Current Exploring leaders who have not completed Youth Protection Training are required to take the training immediately.

2. If you have not taken Youth Protection Training within the past two years, please log on to https://lfl.myparticipation.org/_layouts/MyParticipation/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f_layouts%2fAuthenticate.aspx%3fSource%3d%252f&Source=%2f and create an account. You will need an E-mail account for your password security. Be sure to have your Exploring member ID number. The number can be found on your Exploring membership card. (The training takes approximately 25 minutes.) If you do not know your member ID number, contact your local Learning for Life office for assistance.

3. After you have taken Youth Protection Training online, your record will be updated automatically. You are encouraged to print the certificate provided and keep it in your files as proof of completion.

4. If you have taken Learning for Life Exploring Youth Protection and have a certificate of completion, contact your Learning for Life office and update your record. If you have no record of your completion of Youth Protection Training, you are required to retake the training.

5. All registered adults in Posts participating in summer activities (Law Enforcement Conference, etc.) are required to take the Youth Protection Training prior to participating in the event.

6. All Explorer Posts are encouraged to conduct Youth Protection training with all Explorers (youth) once a year using Youth Protection: Personal Safety Awareness AV-09DVD27 attained through the council office. This visual training covers the topics of sexual harassment, acquaintance rape, internet safety, and suicide awareness. The leader discussion guide can be found at: www.learningforlife.org/pubs/av/46-506/