Northern Lights Commissioner Meeting


Dec 5, 2023 7:00 pm



Via Zoom
Email for link
Anytown, NJ 00000


Please join if you are interested in becoming a unit commissioner!

Contact Scott Ireland:

Be the Heart: Scouting’s units are its heart; its success is dependent upon them; they deliver its programs to youth. Commissioners support unit leaders in developing a safe, welcoming environment and delivering Scouting’s programs effectively. We exist to support Scouting’s heart.

Build Relationships: Commissioners must develop relationships with unit leaders we serve based on mutual respect, candor, and trust. Without that, the communication and collaboration required to effectively support units is impossible.

Change Lives: Scouting changes lives – of the youth it serves and the adults who support it (both volunteers and professionals). As they adopt Scouting’s values, they become engaged citizens who strengthen our communities, nation, and world.