Bridging the Gap Coffee Fundraiser

Join us this fall on this exciting new fundraiser that helps local Scouts and Military Veterans!

Bridging The Gap for Veterans Foundation is an IRS fully determined 501(c)(3) organization established in 2016 to support the military & first responder communities providing career transition coaching services, offering scholarships for veterans attending law enforcement academies, and funding of service dog training programs.

Their mission is clear and focused. They educate, advocate and assist in preparing Military Veterans and Family Members to be successful in their career transition after honorable service to our Nation.   Visit for more information.

To make the sale easier, this year all sales will be online and sent directly to customers. 



K Cups- 12 count- $12

  • Stars and Stripes Dark
  • Stars and Stripes Mild
  • Freedom Blend(Decaf)

Coffee Bags- $12

  • Stars and Stripes Dark
  • Stars and Stripes Mild
  • Freedom Blend(Decaf)



  • November 1- November 31st. 
    • Units fill out the form below to find out how to set up a unit page to get started selling!
    • Units share their unit selling website with friends and family
    • Scout Families share on social media.
  • Mid-December- products are shipped directly to customers
  • Mid-December- units are credited with the commission on their sales


Scout Prize Program

 We are pleased to announce the following prize program to help motivate our scouts to sell!

  • Any Scout that sells 50 items will receive: A $25 Amazon gift card and one entry into a monthly drawing to win a free week with Jersey Shore Council (Webelos Adventure, Day, or Scouts BSA Camp
  • Any Scout that sells any 100 items receives a $75 Amazon gift card


Profit Margin

Units will make $2.50 off each $12 item     $2.50 of each item will also go to the Jersey Shore Council and the rest of the proceeds towards the cost of the product and to support Military Veterans.